This website is part of the output from the WES Voices Project. The  aim was to share the experiences and lessons learned from early career women and student engineers about making important career decisions.

The idea came about from undergraduate engineers at the WES Student conference and during the Set to Lead project about a lack of information directed at girls. In particular girls quite often do a mixture of science and humanities or arts A Levels - some students involved in the project  were surprised to learn through year in industry placements and from friends that you could still do engineering at university if you had done an art, drama or geography A Level.

The ‘Voices’ project also undertook an in depth analysis of the HESA data on engineering undergraduates and first destinations and student’s looking at socioeconomic status and ethnic heritage to learn how to ensure an ever wider range of women might be engaged in the opportunities of an engineering career.

The project was undertaken by Oxford Research and Policy in association with Katalytik.