• Kashaf


    Chemical Engineer

    I was inspired to study chemical engineering because I had a discussion with a lecturer at Aston University who told me about the benefits of studying chemical engineering, I realised that the course isn't designed just for boys and that there is so much potential with a chemical engineering degree. After graduation you can go into almost any field. 

    "On my course we work together as a big group, there’s no division within the people on the course, you can turn to anyone for help, students on the course are always helpful and the lecturers are always available.

    I'd really love to work in the energy industry when I graduate

  • Rosie


    Mechanical Engineer

    “I studied Maths, Physics and Drama at A Level. I’m a farmer’s daughter and a practical individual. I always got the benefit of technology to a business, but drama was my first love at school and preferred choice for study. My physics teacher was always telling us stories about the jobs his friends were doing that made me think ‘Wow!’ and shifted my thoughts to engineering and made me see what else I could do. I also saw a leaflet from Engineers Without Borders which made me realise how engineering can help the developing world so I researched into courses to find the things I liked doing.”

  • Izzie


    Mechanical Engineer

    “I’m an artist at heart. My parents work in the NHS and always wanted to be doctors and found it hard to understand how I didn’t know what I wanted to do. A friend’s dad had suggested engineering, but I wanted to draw. On results day I got great grades in maths and physics and suddenly realised that’s what I’d do. Engineering is maths and art. It’s perfect. I balance my course with art, spending my spare time capturing the views around Cardiff and socialising.” 

  • Hanah


    Chemical Engineer

    "I'd really love to work in the pharmaceutical industry or automotive industry: the pharmaceutical industry as I would like to give a helping hand in supplying medical aid and the automotive industry as that is one industry that lacks female engineers on an extremely large scale.

    I was inspired to study chemical engineering because I saw a gap in the market for engineers especially female engineers and decided to rise to the challenge. I also enjoyed studying chemistry and maths and undertake a science related degree.

    On my chemical engineering course we do all types of work. From hands-on projects to designing plants. For me the laboratory work is the best as I get a chance to work with my friends and explore different types of equipment.”